There was a placement drive run by the skill development department of Jharkhand Government in 2018 at Morabadi ground, near Ranchi College, Ranchi, Jharkhand. In which total no. of students 57 attended from various department of Janta Shivratri College, Daltonganj. This drive was tremendous for the graduation and master’s degree students from rural areas like Palamau.

Details of the students Department wise given here below:

Janta Shivratri College, Medininagar, Palamau
List of Registered Students for Placement Drive 2018 at Ranchi
SL No. Name Class Sex Departure Attendance
1 Deepak Kumar Pandey B.B.A. Male    
2 Kaushal Kishor Mishra B.B.A. Male    
3 Deepak Kumar Singh B.B.A. Male    
4 Jitendra Kumar Thakur B.B.A. Male    
5 Dilip Kumar Ram M.A. Male    
6 Ankit Kumar Pandey B.Com Male    
7 Deepak Kumar Tiwary B.A. Male    
8 Ravi Kumar Ram B.A. Male    
9 Rakesh Kuamr B.A. Male    
10 Sunil Kumar M.Com Male    
11 Saklesh Singh B.A. Male    
12 Birendra Singh B.A. Male    
13 Sandeep Kumar B.A. Male    
14 Pankaj Kumar   Male    
15 Sunil Prajapati B.A. Male    
16 Mukesh Prasad B.A. Male    
17 Brajesh Kumar Ravi B.Sc. Male    
18 Pankaj Yadav B.A. Male    
19 Mukhlal Kumar Mehta B.A. Male    
20 Aanand Kumar B.A. Male    
21 Hemant Pandey   Male    
22 Awadh Ram B.A. Male    
23 Sanjay Kumar B.A. Male    
24 Snidhi Sinha M.Com Male    
25 Shahrukh Khan B.Com Male    
26 Sheetal Vishwakarma B.A. Male    
27 Ravindra Kumar Sharma B.A. Male    
28 Kamesh Ram B.A. Male    
29 Arvind Kumar M.Com Male    
30 Udeshwar Ram B.A. Male    
31 Anuj Kumar B.A. Male    
32 Saket Kumar B.Com Male    
33 Sonu Kumar B.A. Male    
34 Vikash Kumar Gupta B.A. Male    
35 Pawan Kumar B.A. Male    
36 Roshan Kumar B.A. Male    
37 Md.Nasrullah Ansari M.Com Male    
38 Pramod Kumar Ram B.A. Male    
39 Narad Sharma B.A. Male    
40 Abhay Kumar B.A. Male    
41 Naveen Kumar Paswan M.A. Male    
42 Tribhuwan Pathak M.Com Male    
43 Pankaj Kumar Singh B.Com Male    
44 Deepak Tiwari B.A. Male    
45 Jai Prakash Mishra B.Com Male    
46 Ankit Kumar M.Com Male    
47 Radhe Shyam Mehta B.A. Male    
48 Avinash Kumar B.Com Male    
49 Nishant Kumar Mishra B.Com Male    
50 Supriya Kumari B.Com Female    
51 Archana Kumari B.Com Female    
52 Puja Pandey B.Com Female    
53 Ruchika Singh B.Com Female    
54 Neha Kumari B.A Female    
55 Rubi M.Com Female    
56 Puja Kumari M.Com Female    
57 Pooja Kumari M.Com Female