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About Us

The College is one of the oldest Higher education institution of the area. Realizing this importance social activist, businessmen and learned persons of the district to name a few: Shri Muneshwer Singh, Shri Parmeshwari Dutt Jha, Shri Jyoti Prakash etc; came forward and promoted the establishment of the college on 6.45 acre of land donated by Mr. Jha. On that piece of land the premises of present college is situated.

Sri Paras Nath Sinha was made its first principal. The principal Sri Muneshwar Singh made available different contributions and donations from the university to run the college in the very poor and backward district of Palamu and providing quality education for the poor boys who were meritorious but not able to go to Ranchi to continue their education opting Commerce as a main subject. Bihar government felt it very necessary on the ground of running performance of the college and increasing number of students year by year to take over the financial burden of the college and awarded it a constituent unit of RanchiUniversity, Ranchi in 1980.

In 2009 the Nilamber-Pitamber University was established in Medininagar by the government of Jharkhand and this college get its opportunity to become a premier college of Commerce of this University. The college is now pursuing U.G. courses in Nine Departments and P.G. courses in three Departments for about 2700 enrolled students in total.

The college is inclined and focused towards:

  • Equal opportunities for all.
  • Respect for teachers, elders and co-students.
  • Politeness and courtesy in behavior and conduct.
  • Responsible personality; responsible to oneself, parents, teachers and college as a whole. dutifulness to oneself, and to the nation.
  • Developing critical and rational thinking.
  • Sensitizing students about various burning issues through extension activities.
  • Commitment to execute social responsibilities.
  • Orientation towards holistic development.
  • Mature & balanced attitude to achieve one’s own goals.
  • Standing steady on one’s own feet rather than clinging on to unwanted elements and ideas.
  • Be spirited with a person of service in line with “nishkama karma”(desire less action)for the good of humanity.
  • Promotion of spirit of patriotism.
  • Inquisitiveness for learning.
  • Teaching students to focus on “learning without diverting attention”. Uniqueness of each student.

Our Values

Extending values beyond the classroom by making sure skills and concepts taught in the classroom are authentically useful in the world beyond school.

Our Strategy

Offering a multicultural and friendly environment in which students can successfully learn basic skills and core academic content, develop their special talents and social competencies.

Our Mission

Inspiring students to achieve potential and personal goals through activities that are developmentally appropriate, individually paced, and personalized to each student’s academic performance and interest.