Students Feedback


College regularly gets feedback about the syllabus, infrastructure of the college teaching learning process and student satisfaction feedback from the students every year. This feedback form have 15 points questionnaire asked for feedback from its students from across all the departments of the college.

A total of 287 students responded to the given students feedback form for the academic year 2019-2020.

Almost one third of the total respondents were satisfied from various particulars pertaining to syllabus. 77 percent Students responded to the syllabus was adequate. 31 percent believed about the background for benefiting from the completion of the syllabus. 33 percent responded 75-90% covered. 25 percent opined the inadequacy of the library for the various courses. 45 percent of the respondents were good to get the prescribed readings. 37 percent preferred good to the internal evaluation system. 51 percent students preferred to less than 75 percent of the total weightage of a course should the internal assessment account for. 58 percent of the total respondent rated very good in terms of students teacher relationships. 46 percent ticked out on often which is 11 percent more to those ticked on very often on the question about the teachers you taught were efficient in their knowledge to deliver the subject content. 61 percent of the total respondent believed that the college administrative officers were helpful to them. 32 percent of the total students sometimes participated in any of the extra curricular activities of the college & departments. 62 percent students found the attitude of the teacher to extra curricular activities as cooperative. 50 percent of the total respondent found themselves intellectually enriching at the college.